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Before you start:


- you need to know IP address or DNS name of your WD MyBook Live

- password to logon to Web Console (you had to setup password during configuration of device)

- make sure you have PC connected to internet

- be prepare update will take around 30-45 minutes (depends of you internet speed)

- do not power down your PC or WD MyBook Live during whole process.


    • In Web Browser (I tested it on Internet Explorer 9 & Firefox 11) address bar type IP address or DNS name of device. You will see page as below. Enter your admin password and click Login.


    • After you are successfully logged on, you will see red exclamation mark next to Logout. Click on red exclamation mark and then click Begin Updates.


    • Box will appear with Update version. Click on Install and Reboot.


    • Shortly it will start to download Update. Be patience it all depends of your Internet speed now.


    • Next it will start to Upgrading. Again be patience this step might take even longer then download. Up to 20 minutes.


    • When upgrade is completed, device will reboot.


    • Next device will initialize.


    • When upgrade is fully completed Web Console will look like usual except red exclamation mark will be gone.


Posted on Mar 15, 2012

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